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Making  autumn home decorations yourself is extremely easy and fun! They turn out fabulous and you can be as creative as you want  in design and colors.Here are some ideas of what you can do using pumpking,glitter and paint and step by step instructions.

Spider box

I used : 2 medium sized pumpkins,white and black paint, crystals, spiders, glitter, a busket and hay.

1. After washing the pumpkins cover them with paint- acrylic or spray (I used black and white,the white one took 2 coats) and let them dry

2.Glue crystals on in the shape of a spyder web,I used long strypes of crystals and it only took me about 10 minutes to make this spyder web,plus it wasn’t messy at all(as it would have been using a glue gun!)

3. Put some glue on the stem and add glitter

4. Glue the spider to the side of the pumpkin and it’s all ready!

I put both of them in the busket that I spray-painted myself and added a couple of spiders,to give it a more Halloween look

Glitter pumpkins

There is nothing easier than to make glitter pumpkins.At the same time it’s the messiest project and the process can be quite a destruction for your home so make sure you use a newspaper or a piece of carton to work on,some disposable plates and be super careful with these glitter,it tends to stay all over the place

I used: 5 little pumpkins, glitter,glue , a busket and hay.

1. After washing the pumpkin, put glue all over it( it may be a little tricky so when chosing a pumpkin for the project take the one with the longer stem)

2. Immediatelly cover it with the glitter (I was using a plate to put the glitter leftovers back to the bottle)

3.Paint the stem( I chose the bronze colour) and let everything dry

Painted pumpkins

This is where you can be as creative as you want,and shades, styles, pictures…

1. Spray paint the pumpkin and let it dry

2. Using acrylic paint draw a cat’s face (for example) and look at how I did it – you DON’T have to be a great artist!

3.Make ears by cutting out 2 triangles and glue them to the pumpkin.

I did the same process with the other one exept I made it a witch face and put a witch hat on.

The rest I just spray painted with different colours and covered some of them with glitter