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Lately I’ve been absolutely obsessed with everything Brazilian.It begun with Michael Telo’s CD and went on to language, fashion and of course food. So that’s the recipe I’ve borrowed from Brazilian cuisine and modified just a little.

Here is what you need to cook the coconut shrimp and rice.


1 pound medium or small (31/35 count) shrimp, peeled and deveined

2 lange tomatos or canned sliced tomatos,

2 cloves garlic, minced

Olive oil

Chilli peppers – as many as you can handle

Brazilian cuisine is known for its use of cocnut milk,so make sure you have that, othervise it will be just a regular shrimp recipe:

1.Heat olive oil in pan on medium high and add sliced tomatos , in about 5 minutes add garlic and chilli

2. Add shrimp and in about 5 minutes get ready to pour coconut milk into the pan.Cook for 20 min.(in the middle of the process I saw a bottle rum in the kitchen and decided to add that as well,since it contained coconut liquer. 🙂

brazilian shrimp

For the rice: Heat olive oil in pan on medium high and add rice.As soon as it turns a golden colour , add sliced tomatos,salt and pepper o your taste and fill the pan with water (half of a cup) Cook time : 20 min.

brazilian shrimpIMG_9621