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christmas trees diy

I’m sure I’m not the only one who hasn’t decorated the house for Christmas yet 🙂 I love using the handmade decor along with the stuff you can buy in stores as it gives your house a very personal touch and creates a unique atmosphere.

Here are the Christmas trees I’ve done for home and office.

For the first pair you need

Christmas tree form ( Crafts stores will have plenty)

Piece of cloth

Pins and decorations to your taste,I was using little pom poms and bows

christmas trees diy

1. Wrap the cloth around the form and secure it with pins.A lot of pins.The good thing about using pins here is that you can take them out anytime and reuse the form again 🙂

2. Pin the pom poms, sequins and all the decorations you want on the tree.

3. Pin the bow to the top of the tree and it’s ready!

christmas trees diy

christmas trees diyChristmas Tree-O

diy christmas trees

For these ones I used 3 shapes of different sizes

Sparkly cloth

Bows and pins

christmas trees (1)

I did the exact same thing as with the green ones, but I did not add any decorations, exept for the bows.

Again you’ll need lots and lots of pins!

christmas trees diydiy christmas trees