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Wreaths are probably the most traditional decor items for every holiday and season and for sure one of my favorites. They create the atmosphere of home and coziness.For this Christmas I made 2 : one for outside and one for inside.

IMG_1348For the first (and not the most traditional one) I was using : a wreath form, peacock feathers, feather boa(2), pins. It took me only 15 minutes or so and it wasn’t a messy project at all! 🙂


Pin the boa around the form ( I did about 3 layers to cover the whole form from the inside as well) You can use hot glue gun but pins make less mess and you can always take the boas off the wreath and use them for something else if you like.

Untitled-12. Pin the feathers to the wreath (any bright ornament would work great!)

IMG_9872IMG_1348The second wreath was more difficult and messy to make! I decided to use pine cones. I also needed a flat wreath form, hot glue gun ( be ready to go through a LOT of glue!) spray paint and the little dry flowers and cinnamon sticks

IMG_1351I spray painted the pine cones and glued them to the form.It sounds super easy but,honestly, it was a real hell! To make the surface of a pine cone even( so it could actually stick to the form) I had to cut and peel off,if I can say so, almost each pine cone, some with the scissors,some with my hands.


After one and a half layers and torture,I couldn’t do it anymore,and decided to glue the dry flowers and cinnamon sticks to add the colour and cover the space that the damn pine cones were supposed to cover:)Putting these tiny flowers was the best part of the project, no doubt!