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The ideal combination of English charm and Caribbean exotic would be called Barbados.Even though the island got the independence from GB long time ago, you can hear and feel British accent in everything( not only the language)  left side driving, Queen Elizabeth II is still the formal head of state ,cricket is very popular and you can find a lot of British tourists

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You can go drive around the whole island in couple of hours(if you don’t stop to take pictures and enjoy the landscapes or both)

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Being a tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean,it actually has a lot of touristic attractions( from turtle snorkeling to crystallized limestone caverns) I was a little sad we could not stay longer.  So we hired a driver and made a personalized tour with a very local taste and British accent 🙂

barbados  (9)The locals proudly call their home “The Island of Rihanna” Driving around the city and the beach our guide James would point at this or that mansion say when Rihanna has stopped there and why.One beat them all – One Sandy Lane: this where Oprah interviewed Rihanna and I SWEAR our guide was staring at me making sure I took the picture of it,so I couldn’t but post it!:)

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barbados  (1)Cherry Tree Hill is the best place for the most spectacular view of easter and northern sides of the island

barbados (2)Barbados coast is the home for friendly sea turtles and it’s one of the most popular tourist attractions

120305-green-sea-turtle-hed-929a_grid-6x2Well, to be honest in reality the process will look more like this,since there are a lot of volunteers to see the turtles

swimming-with-the-seaAnd to be completely honest there are much more people than on the picture so the advertised “swimming with sea turtles” turns into swimming between some strangers’ legs being hit with someone’s foot from time to time,but…it probably worths it..if you do get to see the turtle

barbados  (5)barbados  (7)By the way Barbados is one of the very few Caribbean islands that still produces and exports sugar, even though there is only one sugar cane factory left

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