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old san juan (8)Puerto Rico was the last destination in our island hopping trip

. We stopped in San Juan, which is not only the capital of Puerto Rico but also is the oldest city on US territory.

old san juan (2)

Old San Juan was one of my dream destinations for a long time. Spanish colonial buildings, bright-colored buildings, Spanish – Latin American – Caribbean mix of music, people and styles give this little neighborhood consisting of only 7 square blocks the unforgettable charm.

old san juan (10)We took a self guided tour around the old city, feeling the influence of Spanish colonial architecture, admiring the elegance of the place which seemed to be the exact same as it was a couple of hundreds years ago.

old san juan (9)The best thing to do in cities like this,( if you have a at least a couple of days) is to go for a unrushed walk, some kind of unplanned wandering around, not being bothered to hit all the must see places of interest..

old san juan (1)I can say without a doubt that this would be my favorite way to explore new destinations, especially the ones where every wall is a perfect place to take photos!:)

old san juan (4)old san juan (11)old san juan (6)old san juan (7)old san juan (3)

I still have a lot of photo-impressions to share with you,in tomorrow’s post!:)

Thank you very much for reading!